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Port St. Lucie baker to appear on new Disney+ series

'Foodtastic' debutes Dec. 15
Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 19:14:58-05

PORT ST. LUCIE — You may remember the old adage your parents would say at the dinner table, "Stop playing with your food..." That’s something Michelle Leckenbusch of Port St. Lucie ignores nowadays as she runs her baking business from home. "Because I have six children so it just is what works best for us right now. Kids in cakes yes?"

"All just self-taught. Been doing it for about 15 years," said Leckenbusch.

She is the owner of Cakes by Michelle and soon to be a contestant on Disney's new show called 'Foodtastic.'

"I mean everything [on the show] was just larger than life. So I mean there was there was camera crews everywhere there was drones, there was crane cameras, and just the the set itself was breathtaking,' said Leckenbusch.

Each show in the series has a theme from a Disney story, hers was The Lion King.

"So this is Zazu this is [the character] I was mainly in charge for when we did our piece we had an eight-foot by eight-foot piece that we had to create," Leckenbusch said.

She worked with a team of two other decorators from Florida and Texas, "We had the task of adult Simba and Zazu," Leckenbusch said.

The team used all sorts of materials. "Fruits and vegetables and we had access to anything. Our tree has broccoli on it, which is pretty cool to see that come together with a nail gun," said Leckenbusch.

"We all just went there to have a great time and push ourselves creatively. I'm super excited to see the show all come together and how they portray everything that we created," Leckenbusch said.

The series stars Keke Palmer who reminds viewers to, "Never stop playing with your food!"

All three episodes of Foodtastic drop on Disney+ on December 15. In Port St. Lucie T.A. Walker WPTV NewsChannel 5.