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Lorikeet Loft exhibit opens Friday morning at the Palm Beach Zoo

Posted: 8:28 PM, Nov 23, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-25 14:42:36Z
Zoo's Lorikeet Loft exhibit opens tomorrow

My Zoo Bestie, Marketing Director Naki Carter, let Taste and See South Florida into the Palm Beach Zoo before anyone else to see the new Lorikeet Loft exhibit which opens Friday.

She had just gotten her "hair done" for Thanksgiving dinner, and she was worried about something.

As construction workers put the final touches on the loft, you can see her hiding in safety outside of the beautiful new atrium.  

Eventually, I was able to coax her inside to feed the Lorikeets with me, but it turns out she also has another fear.  Thankfully there is a staff trained to handle such situations.

Turns out Naki's Thanksgiving hair doo almost got ruined by some bird love.

The Palm Beach Zoo has had the birds for the last four years but were waiting for a donor to fund construction of the exhibit.

"The Lorikeets have been back in holding for a while and this is the first time they get to come out on display," said Jan Steele the Director of wildlife care and conservation for the zoo.

Zoo-goers will be able to feed the birds nectar in biodegradable cups.  
The nectar is actually organic apple juice.  

The new attraction is included with park admission, and you can feed the birds for a couple of dollars.

"If you wanna' feed them, it's two dollars a cup or three cups for five dollars." - Jan Steele - Director of wildlife care and conservation.

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