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Life-size dinosaurs roar and tower over the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Posted at 4:15 PM, Oct 11, 2018

Opening today at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is their newest and updated presentation called "Dinosaur Invasion."  

Thursday morning, students from Renaissance Charter School in West Palm Beach were the first to check out the Science Center's Dinosaur Invasion.  

Dinosaur Invasion is the biggest exhibition the center has ever had featuring 16 creatures; so big in fact, they've expanded their display space outside.

"Kids can come and learn about everything and all thing dinosaurs," says Marketing Director Melinda Velasquez.

"I specifically know... That every dinosaur here, I like," says Ethan Bober student at Renaissance Charter School.

These life-sized animatronic beasts roar with a mission to teach not only kids but adults.  Scientists have revised their theories on how dinosaurs looked and behaved.  Which challenges a lot of what I learned about them in elementary school like, scientists now believe they had feathers.

"The fact that they found out that so many dinosaurs had feathers, lends itself to the theory, that over the past millions of years, dinosaurs did evolve into birds," says Kate Arrizza CEO at the South Florida Science Center.

Another update is the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex has less of an upright stance and more of a horizontal posture.  Additionally, they were once thought to be small-brained and immobile but were actually nimble and smart.

But, let's be honest...  The most important thing about the presentation is what the kids think.

"It's awesome!" cheers a group of kids.

If you're traveling in or out of the Palm Beach International Airport there are an additional two dinosaurs on display there.  The exhibit runs through April 21.

Ticket Prices
Adults - $17.95 
Seniors 60+ - $15.95
Children 3-12 - $13.95
Children under 3 - FREE
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