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Keiser University student hopes that crickets could solve the world's food problems

Posted at 3:54 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 16:59:16-04

Would you be interested in a food that has double the protein of beef, more calcium than milk, and six times more omega 3s than salmon?

That's what Ross MacPherson, a student Keiser University, is working on.  He has one goal: to convince you and me, that crickets are a viable source of nutrition.
That's right, crickets. Consumed via a protein shake, he calls it Peak Nutrition.
"Peak Nutrition is a concept I created where we utilize the use of cricket powder to make a real meal replacement shake," MacPherson said.

Peak Nutrition Fact Sheet
 Pound for pound double the amount of protein as beef
· 6 times more omega 3s than salmon
· More calcium than milk
· Use 2000x less land than cattle pound for pound
· Uses 2000x less water
· Produce 100x less greenhouse gases
· Crickets grow 12x faster than livestock
· Peak nutrition, far more nutritionally dense than the US best-selling meal replacement bar

One of the other advantages of consuming crickets as opposed to livestock is cost.  One bag of Peak Nutrition is $45. (it will last the average person 30-days or $1.50 a meal).  

But to eat a cricket, it sounds so... well... disgusting. 
"You know, I think a lot of things are quite disgusting to eat.  You know, eggs, if we think about them, they are chicken embryos that are scrambled," Ross said.
"80% of the world currently eats crickets and bugs.  We're one of the few that don't. Nutritionally they are incredibility high in protein," said Keiser University Department Chair of Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology Julie Snyder.

"I see an innovated idea that could not only be a part of entrepreneurship but part of a new step forward for nutrition for the world," added Keiser University Professor of Entrepreneurship, Management and Finance George Stamas.

I still wasn't convinced, so I asked Ross to take the crickets out of their cage.  It turns out, he doesn't like them either.


 "I think they are a little bit gross, a little bit terrifying, but that's why they are powdered it makes it a little bit easier for us to consume," Ross said.

So what does cricket juice, I mean Peak Nutrition taste like?

Amazed I say, "Oh!  It's quite delicious!"

A relieved Ross says, "I'm glad you think so."
I had one more question for Ross; did he think his British accent made him sound smarter?
"Definitely," Ross giggles.

Ross is one of eight students who will pitch their project in front of a pitch-panel tonight at Keiser University at 5:30 p.m.

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