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'Jersey Boys' coming to Roger Dean Stadium

Maltz Jupiter Theatre first show in two years
Roger Dean Stadium
Posted at 7:55 AM, Jul 26, 2021

JUPITER, Fla. — The Maltz Jupiter Theatre is undergoing $36 million expansion project. The goal is to increase the theater's size so they will be able to produce shows that eventually make their way to Broadway. Even though they are undergoing construction that isn't keeping them from "playing ball" this winter.

They're calling it the "Maltz without Walls." After being shuttered for almost two years, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre's next show will "knock it out of the park."

"And the stage will be, of course, at home plate," said Dana Munson the Director of Marketing for the Maltz Jupiter Theatre while looking down at the baseball field.

"Beautiful stage, great sightlines and we're looking at using the seats that are sort of kind of between the dugouts," said Mike Bauer the General Manager Rodger Dean Stadium.

The theater using the venue for their first shows as construction wraps up.

"We are so excited. This is our first show back after our $36 million expansion of our new building," said Linnea Bailey the Director of Public Relations for the Maltz Jupiter Theatre

"And they're in the middle of their renovation project," said Bauer.

"We figured what better way to kick off the new season with an off-site production of the Broadway hit 'Jersey Boys,'" said Bailey

This performance will be the first time any regional theater has produced this in the state of Florida since the show was on Broadway.

"I mean it feels really good after being dormant for almost two years now. It feels really great to be able to present our Broadway-caliber shows to the community that's what we're here to do," said Munson.

"It bridges the baseball audience and the theater audience together it's something that we haven't done here before," said Bauer.

The stadium, normally dormant in the winter, is being used creatively. But what about the outside elements? "You know the great thing about January is it's a little bit cooler a little more comfortable and it hardly rains," said Bauer.

"I mean the great thing about live theater is that you roll with the punches and you do what you need to do so, we have a rain plan in case it rains," said Bailey.

Jersey Boys shows will start at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium on January 11, 2022.