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Inside Duffy's hidden Culinary Arts Studio we uncover new menu items for football season

Posted at 9:04 AM, Aug 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-26 09:04:56-04

Located right off 10th Avenue and I-95 in Lake Worth, Duffy's Sports Grill has a culinary arts studio hidden away in an industrial park.

When you walk through the front doors, it looks like a traditional Duffy's. Forrest green paint with brown wainscoting on the walls, Duffy's menus on the tables, tons of TVs, it's not until you see the baby grand piano in the corner, and no customers, do you suspect that this isn't a typical Duffy's.  

Behind the bar is a full kitchen, which serves as Executive Chef Eric Parker's office.  Here he makes training videos for the back of the house staff, creates new menu items, and hosts corporate VIP parties; thus the need for the baby grand piano.  The piano came from the New York home of Duffy's President Jason Emmett's mom, Geri Emmett, Chairwoman for the Duffy's Foundation.

It's in this culinary arts studio that Chef Eric is preparing new menu items debuting today just in time for football season. 

First, there are three types of tacos including Lobster Tacos with three mini flour tortillas loaded with panko-crusted Maine lobster tail, shredded cabbage, homemade pico de gallo and cilantro-cream sauce.  Get the recipe and learn how to make the Lobster Tacos below.

Next, and the biggest deal is 'All You Can Eat Boneless Wings' for $9.95 for the Monday and Thursday night professional football games.

Third, is the Blazin' BBQ Cheeseburger made with Jack Daniel's Single Barrel BBQ sauce, pepper crusted bacon and pepper jack cheese.

And last, there are football drink specials. There are buckets of 5 of Miller Lite or Coors Light for $10.  Also, there is the All-American Bloody Mary which has a bacon slider on top for $7 (Titos, Ocean Spray Tomato Juice topped with a Bacon Cheeseburger Slider). I don't understand why people want food on top of the drinks, I think it's a bit weird. If you ask me what I want in my Bloody Mary I say vodka, but after surveying my co-workers I found a 50/50 split for people for or against snacks being served on a stick above their drinks. 

How to Make Duffy's Lobster Tacos

1.    Dredge three pieces of lobster meat in seasoned flour
2.    Place into egg wash
3.    Bread in panko bread crumbs
4.    Fry in 365-degree oil in pan for 1 minute,
5.    Pat dry with paper towel for oil absorption and season lobster with salt and pepper
6.    Heat 3 tortillas of your choice on a flattop for 30 seconds until warm
7.    Place shredded cabbage in tortillas and season with salt and pepper, ½ oz of cilantro cream sauce and one piece of crispy lobster followed by your favorite salsa
8.    Enjoy!

Cilantro Cream:
•    2 cloves garlic, minced
•    2 heaping tablespoons chopped cilantro
•    2 heaping tablespoons finely sliced green onion
•    2 heaping teaspoons minced jalapenos
•    1 oz taco seasoning
•    2 cups sour cream
•    2 cups mayo or non-fat Greek yogurt

1.    Mix all ingredients and place a dollop on lobster tacos

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