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Iconic sculptures installed around Boynton Beach

Posted at 3:19 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 14:50:54-04

On Monday, the City of Boynton Beach began installing large, ionic stainless steel sculptures around the city created by artist Albert Paley

They weigh up to 6,000 pounds and are 40 feet tall. The installation is part of the city's art in public places project. They are in place to promote the upcoming new Town Square.

Some of the pieces have been displayed all over the nation including Park Avenue in New York City. One piece, entitled Cavalcade was specifically created for Boynton Beach.

List of Sculptures

Name of sculpture: Envious Composure 
Installation location: City Hall, 100 Boynton Beach Blvd
Details: Sculpture dimensions -18’h x 7.5’w x 7’d. | Weight: 6,345lbs 

Name of sculpture: Proscenium
Installation location: 306 E. Ocean Avenue
Details: Sculpture dimensions - 14’ h x 6’8” w x 4’8” d. | Weight: 2,310 lbs. 

Name of sculpture: Stance
Installation location: Dewey Park, 100 NE 4th Street
Details: Sculpture dimensions - 11’h x 6’ w x 4.6 d,. | Weight: 2.280 lbs.  

Name of sculpture: Moment
Installation location: 211 E. Ocean
Details: Sculpture dimensions 14’ h x 6’8” w x 4’8” d. | Weight: 2,310 lbs. 

Name of sculpture: Coalescence
Installation location: Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, 129 E. Ocean Ave
Details: Sculpture dimension 7.5’ h x 2.5‘w x 1.75d. | Weight: 370lbs 
Name of sculpture: Cavalcade (created specifically for Boynton Beach and is the largest piece of the project 

Name of sculpture: Cavalcade (created specifically for Boynton Beach and is the largest piece of the project) 
Installation location:500 E. Ocean Avenue
Details: Sculpture dimension 40’h x 16’ w x 10 d’ | Weight: TBA but several thousand pounds

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