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How would you spend a billion dollars?

Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 19, 2018

You can't miss the headlines, a record one billion dollar jackpot is up for grabs tonight.  Many of you dreaming about how you would spend all that money. 

That's exactly what I did this afternoon.  I toured a $38 million mansion that's up for sale on Jupiter Island.

A mansion on the beach with 360-degree views of the Intracostal and the Atlantic Ocean.  That's the first thing I'd buy if I won the Mega Millions lottery drawing tonight.  

As I climbed the stairs to the front door I started dreaming about the possibility of being almost twice as rich as Taylor Swift.  My future mansion has an infinity pool overlooking my dock big enough for my second purchase a hundred-foot yacht.  

Breath-taking views of the ocean through my floor to ceiling, self-tinting windows.  My kitchen's island has an island and a butchers kitchen.  Eight bedrooms including two private guest rooms, 9-and-a-half bathrooms.  A sundeck so I can see the sunrise and set and host magnificent parties.  Bubble baths, sipping mimosas, while looking at the ocean could be in my future.  16-thousand square feet in total, if... I win the lotto tonight.

609 South Beach Road
Jupiter Island

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