How to make a killer strawberry mojito

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla - July 11 is National Mojito Day. We asked Manny Alvarez, Head Bartender at CityPlace's Mojito Latin Cuisine & Bar how to make a killer strawberry mojito!


  1. Slice 1/2 a lime and place in cooler glass
  2. Twist a pinch of mint leaves
  3. Slice 1 strawberry*
  4. Add 1 oz of strawberry puree*
  5. Muddle together in cooler glass
  6. Fill glass with ice
  7. Add 2 oz of Bacardi Rum (or any other white rum)
  8. Shake glass in tin
  9. Splash of soda
  10. Splash of Sprite
  11. Garnish and enjoy

* - If you want a regular mojito you can leave out these two steps.

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