How to bond with your baby but still get your chores done

Posted: 2:13 PM, Oct 06, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-06 14:21:49-04
How to bond with your baby and get chores done
How to bond with your baby and get chores done

This I-95 Mom tip comes from Boynton Beach. Rachel Leigh's maternity leave has ended and she now has less time with her new baby Adelyne. 

She has discovered to keep up with her chores around the house but still have one-on-one time with the baby she needed a device called the Ergobaby.

It's a backpack of sorts, that you wear on the front of your body.  The baby slides in the front of the device and frees your hands so you can do other things. Rachel says it is very helpful especially when Adelyne is being fussy.

I was surprised at how much the Ergobaby costs, (around $120 - $180).

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