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Help find Tina and Linda "Fur"ever homes

Wag Your Tail Wednesday
Posted at 7:37 PM, Jul 10, 2019

Tina came from a hoarding situation and Linda was rescued from Puerto Rico. They are available for adoption from Big Dog Ranch Rescue.


Breed: Terrier / Mix
Color: Golden / Black
Age: 2y

Hello my name is Tina, my friends and I came from a hoarding house in Georgia. We are so happy to be here as we are safe and being well taken care of. They do not know much about me but, check back as the staff is doing their best figure out my likes and dislikes. I am still looking for my forever home and I hope that forever home is with you. I promise to love you and be loyal to you as you will be my best friend, forever and always. :)


Breed: Chihuahua, Short Coat / Mix
Color: Brown / White
Age: 2y
Hello everyone! If you're looking for a sweet and happy girl than little Linda is here for you. I came all the way from Puerto Rico seeking someone to match the love that I put out. Now I might look like I'm always crying but I can guarantee you that they're tears of joy (I just produce too many tears). Now I can be very mellow and lap loving but at times I can be very hyper and get the zoomies. I need someone who can give me lots of love, wipe my (happy) tears away, and match my energy high and low. Will you give me my forever home?