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Halloween pop-up bar is back in Delray Beach

South Florida tradition continues
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Posted at 5:14 PM, Sep 17, 2021

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — As we approach the spookiest time of year, many of Florida's traditional events are starting to open up for Halloween, including a pop-up Halloween bar in Delray Beach.

"When you have a venue like this. It's it just screams for Halloween," said Annie Blake the owner of Death or Glory Bar.

The Halloween pop-up bar is appropriately set at an eerie and dark 100-year-old house, just off Atlantic Avenue.

The staff wears spine-tingling costumes, "You can be whoever you want this time of year," said Blake who was dressed as a deceased 1920's Flapper.

"Gives everybody something to forget about all the humdrum doom and gloom we've had going around here all year," said Blake.

“Sister Mary Vicious” tends bar, "They can always catch me behind the bar having some holy water,” laughed Ashley Amann as she held up a ‘Holy Water’ flask.

Through the smoke, every inch of the bar, dining rooms, patio, and tiki area are covered with haunting owls, creepy spiders, grim skeletons, and floating ghosts.

"[I] Legitimately I love Halloween. I love Halloween cocktails. Who needs candy when you can have drinks, right? Candy cocktails? I’m going cocktails all day," said Blake.

Limited-time-only Halloween-themed craft cocktails creatively adorn the menu.

One seven-litter drink, meant for a group, costs a hellish $666.

"[It’s called] The devil made me do it, a very, very, very expensive and rare bottle of Mount Gay rum," said Blake.

Some locals are confused when they unexpectedly arrive at the diabolical venue.

"Most of the people think we decorate this way all year long. We don't we just like to go wild,” laughed Amann.

The Halloween pop-up bar will be at Death or Glory through Halloween then transitioning into a Christmas pop-up bar. To get the best experience, they suggest making a reservation.