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Guests are overpaying by hundreds for Kravis Center tickets

Third-party resell websites charge higher prices
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Posted at 6:51 PM, Oct 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-26 19:26:55-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Guest are returning to the Kravis Center this weekend for the first full-fledged show, the 'Price is Right Live.'

Those eager to come on down, need to make sure they know which website they are buying their tickets from so they don't overpay.

"We basically price our tickets to reach the entire community to make sure the entire community is able to access our shows," said Maria Quesada, Director of Ticketing Services at the Kravis Center.
Know What You're Paying For

Quesada has worked at The Kravis Center for over 29 years. And she gets upset when her guests get ripped off. Right before she talked to WPTV NewsChannel 5 she was on the phone with a customer who was unhappy.

"He ended up paying close to $500 for the very last row of the balcony, which is heartbreaking," said Quesada. Four tickets to the Gilberto Santa Rosa concert should have cost him $156 but cost him more because he used a third-party ticket website.

"And the worst thing is to be sitting in the box office and someone comes to the window and says, you know, I bought these tickets for my wife for our anniversary and I paid $300 a piece for them and we're in the balcony," said Georgiana Young, Senior Director of Programming for the Kravis Center.

Don't Waste Your Money, literally

When you google Kravis Center Tickets, many websites show up in the search.

"There's a good chance that they are paying an exorbitant price for a seat. That may not be what they think they're buying," said Young.

The websites look official, but they aren't. "People get very upset, it can ruin a really special occasion for them," Young said.

WPTV went bargain shopping. The most inexpensive ticket for this week's 'The Price is Right Live' show at Their cheapest ticket was $124. The actual retail price? $15.

Buying the most expensive tickets is more shocking. WPTV priced out orchestra tickets to the Steve Martin and Martin Short Show. The most expensive ticket went for $929 using, it was $1019 at, and $1,155 using The actual retail price? $139.

"One thing is when you see those inflated prices that should be the sort of like the light bulb that goes off," said Quesada.

And, buyer, be aware if the show gets canceled. "Let's say we refund the money to the third-party broker... ...It's not necessarily going to get refunded to the ticket buyer," Young said.

The Kravis Center recommends only using their official website, They said it guarantees you the cheapest price and assigned seating.

As for the first big show back at the Kravis? "We're looking forward to it. Right, yeah, Come on down!," said Linda Birdsey, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Kravis Center.

If you want to come on down and be a contestant you can register at 5 p.m. on Saturday at the Kravis.

Kravis Center using Bindle App for Health and Safety Screenings