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Gloria Estefan adopts her mom's posse

Get On Your Feet! Now playing at Kravis
Gloria and Emilio Estafan's Get On Your Feet! debuts at Kravis
Posted at 1:05 PM, Jan 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-09 13:06:28-05

Tuesday night was a spectacle at the debut of Get On Your Feet! now playing at the Kravis Center. That's because South Florida's Emilio and Gloria Estefan were on hand to check out their touring Broadway musical about the struggles of their lives and their rise to stardom.

Just getting off a New Year's Eve cruise with 46 of her family members, opening night at the Kravis Center was extra meaningful for Gloria Estefan.

The oldest of the mom's friends is 95-years-old. The group even gave her a gift which she used for opening night.

"They gave me this purse," beams Gloria" They were all friends in Cuba and they worked together.. in school."

Gloria's mom's relationship with the ladies is represented in the musical and you see how meaningful the friendships were.

On Your Feet! literally had a normally stoic Kravis audience up and dancing on their feet. A house normally known for leaving early at the end of a show to get to the valet first stayed to the end. It was a packed house and the energy inside was electric.

The story is about the struggles Emilio and Gloria Estefan had in the music business before they were famous.

"When people would tell us this music will never work, we go, 'oh, yes it will' because we've seen it with the people in South Florida, our home," says Gloria.

"You have a lot of emotions, a lot of dreams, this show is about dreams for minorities that you can achieve anything in this country, and I think people realize that and I think tonight you're going to have a lot of dancing and a lot of crying," says Emilio.

Gloria says the musical is true and based on real life except for one thing.

"Everything up there is true, except maybe the six-pack on Emilio," teases Gloria.

Gloria is no stranger to the Palm Beaches.

"I actually used to spend a lot of time as a kid in West Palm because my cousin Lourdes grew up here. So I have very fond memories. To have this show opening here tonight, and sold out every show, is really very special," says Gloria.

And when Gloria realized our viewing area included...

"Vero we love you, and you know, it's a little Jewel there that we're all very lucky, somehow, a part of," says Gloria

Guys, there are just a few tickets left. To get the best deal, go to Last night we got to go to an after-party with the Estefans and let's just say it was a party for sure.