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Former WPTV anchor Roxanne Stein reflects about first year of retirement

Posted at 1:42 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 14:42:03-04

WELLINGTON, Fla. — After 25 years at WPTV former anchor Roxanne Stein retired from the station just over a year ago. I wanted to know how she has been filling her days. Always keeping it classy, we talked over some Moet at Raindancer Restaurant in West Palm Beach and ate delicious appetizers, salads and had the best Salmon we've ever had.

So what has she been up to? "Nothing," Stein laughs, "waiting for this [interview] so I could tell you that."

Always a comedian, she spent the last year as the Board President Wellington Chamber of Commerce, just recently stepping down after her term ended.

"Busy, it was like a full-time job, I'm serious," teases Stein. In reality, she has a passion for the Village and she continues helping the chamber maintain a strong community. "If [Wellington business owners] have good businesses and successful businesses. And if they do, they have family who live in the communities and then they have good education, they have good religious and medical facilities for everybody; so you have a strong community. And that's what its all about and that is what Wellington has."

Of course, she still rides her horse Bambo six days a week on the Wellington trails. She doesn't ride on Mondays because the barn is closed. "How's your day so far? Have a good day?" she asks Bamboo. "Rox" has conversations with Bamboo and she says they talk about, "Life. We saw a bunch of blue jays the other day. We talked about how the blue jays were so pretty," reflects Stein.

"He had a 25th birthday and a big hangover, right Boo Boo?" says Stein. Recently at Bamboo's party, he had a DJ and he was adorned in pink by 'Rox' because, "I believe real men wear pink," says Stein. What about her husband Mr. Wonderful? "Daddy doesn't wear pink," she snickers.

She has learned to play tennis over the last year, she says didn't have time before because of her busy professional news life. This group of four ladies meets up mid-afternoon weekly to play at The Wonder Club. In the last year, they have won every match except one and are number one in their league.

She has cultivated meaningful relationships with her tennis partners. "I've really got some good friends," says "Rox."

She says retirement has taught her life needs balance and to let the little things go. "Eat dessert! Eat dessert! You know? All these things! Why not enjoy. Don't overdo it, but get a little exercise in every day."

"Rox" says she misses her T.V. partner in crime, her work husband "Favs". "You know I really miss him. I really do. He's been a best friend for years. We talk we text, we go out, especially in the summertime for some reason. Oh! I know there's deals! So that's why we go out more. He's cheap!" giggles Stein.

Rox and I talked for hours and we learned about how she wants people to be nicer, how she makes little daily impacts to protect our paradise and the proud moments she had here at WPTV.