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First Look at Universal's new Harry Potter roller coaster

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Posted at 12:13 AM, Jun 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-12 00:17:06-04

Tuesday night, some of the cast of the Harry Potter movies were on hand to show off Universal Studios Orlando Resort's latest ride called Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. And with the help of a little wizard magic, V.I.P.s and media got a first look.

"It's a long ride," Elaine Hinds Executive Producer for Universal Creative says proudly. Three minutes and 23 seconds it takes to experience the brand new Harry Potter story and thrills.

The newest roller coaster in the "Wizarding" World of Harry Potter is set to open to the public on Thursday morning. And it's the first time the resort is using a virtual line system. "The crowds for a Harry Potter attraction can be some what overwhelming which is exciting and wonderful," says Hinds, "But it allows people to be able to go ahead and cue up and while they are waiting for their turn in line they can go experience other attractions."

The attraction is taking over the old Dueling Dragons space at the theme park. "Every inch of this building we've redesigned and renovated to bring it into the world of Harry Potter," says Gary Blumenstein, Creative Director for Universal Creative.

The space is vast and the coaster sets records, "This attraction is just at seven acres, the ride track is just a mile, we have seven launches (which is a World record), we have two dual drops (which is a record for the United States, it's the longest coaster in Florida, and it is a combination of both roller coaster and story," says Hinds.

When you take the ride you quickly realize the unexpected is what is to be expected. The coaster goes backwards, the entire train free-falls over over 16 feet, and riders have a choice on riding the motor bike or the side car. "Literally, each seat is a different experience," says Blumenstein.

As a side note, it's hands down my favorite roller coaster in the World.