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Brightline improves Select Service

Posted at 5:02 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 17:24:46-04

I always feel like when a new business opens you have to give them a few months to get their house in order before making a final judgment call on whether or not you like them or not.  And with all the negative press, I thought I'd give Brightline another go after they announced their new enhanced 'Select Service' (think of it like first-class on an airplane).

I've taken several rides on Brightline and I've always thought the service was impeccable.  No seriously, who does their hiring?  They need to create a recruiting service as a side business.  But back to the train, each time I took a ride there were a few pain-points.

My Pain Points

1) Parking was a problem, now there is a garage, though I feel like I'm already buying a ticket why do I need to pay $6 to park?  But okay, it's in the city, I get it.

2) When I paid for 'Select Service' I got into an exclusive lounge to wait for my train with charging ports, Pepsi, chips, and other light snacks, but no alcohol.  Who wants to take a train down south to have fun with no alcohol?  Now there is a very nice selection of beer and wine, plus a light breakfast and healthy food options.

3) Everyone boarded at one time, in a stampede type fashion (okay there weren't that many people) but now 'Select Service' pre-boards.  And now with 'Select', there is a complimentary wine station (there are headphones, magazines, and bottles of water too).

4) You got a free drink on the ride down, but that was it, no mas.  Now, drinks are unlimited (stop judging me, I can feel you all judging me about the alcohol, but when on vacation...)

The price for 'Select' has gone up (probably to pay for all the freebies).  A one-way ticket to Ft. Lauderdale starts at $25 and it's $30 to go all the way to Miami.  Parking is $6 a day out of the West Palm Beach station.

Each time I've taken a train they have had small insignificant delays.  The cars are super nice and have plenty of plugs and charging ports.


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