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Derek Jeter charms Miami at opening day festivities

Posted at 4:55 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 16:55:20-04

I have an annual tradition of going out with my buddies to the season opener of the Marlins.

This year, the spectators and Miami Marlins players showed their support for the families of Marjory Stoneman Douglas shootings.


This year was extra special because of Derek Jeter. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of the Marlins, and he is a charmer.

He confidently, without noticeable security, walked into the 5th Base tent (yes 5th base, don't scold me sports fans, I know there is only four bases).  

He took photos with fans, media, and sponsors.  It took him a good thirty minutes to get through the entire tent.  I didn't dare to approach the intimidating 6' 3" sports star.  But our old sports anchor, Ryan Liber got one (photobombed by Kevin Kaminski).

Once he got to the end of the tent, he energetically hopped up on stage and set the framework for how he is going to run the team, "We will represent this city and this community in a first-class manner."

I liked that, because if South Floridians can have something proud to root for, perhaps the fanbase will grow.

He left the tent as a marching band played "Take Me Out To the Ballpark."  He rushed into the stadium to watch DJ Khaled debut the new Marlin's anthem, which was performed live before the game.

New Miami Marlin's Anthem

DJ Khaled Signing Autographs

Today was busy crowdwise, but not full.  Jeter has his work cut out for him, but seemingly it's nothing he can't handle.

By the way.  I accidentally walked into a box that I thought was for the PRESs, it wasn't it was for the PRESident of Major League Baseball, Joe Torre. The occupants of the box couldn't have been friendlier letting me know I was in the wrong location.

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