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Buzz over new peach honey beer in Palm Beach Gardens

Twisted Trunk offering limited time only summer selection
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Posted at 6:40 PM, May 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-17 18:52:02-04

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.  — When you see Sierra Malnove's bee earrings you already know she has something BREWING.

She relaxes her bees with smoke as WPTV interviewed her on her farm off BEEline Highway near Palm Beach Gardens.

“You can see it's covered in a waxy capping,” said Malnove founder of Palm Beach Creamed Honey.

The capping is how Malnove knows her honey is ready for harvesting.

Bee harvesting.PNG

“ The creamed honey is delicious,” said Reiny Knieriemen, Brewer at Twisted Trunk Brewing.

“We delivered two five-gallon buckets of honey,” said Malnove.

“ We figured why not pair it up with our beer which is also phenomenal,” said Knieriemen.

The Palm Beach Creamed honey went to brewery in Palm Beach Gardens.

“A lot of pride goes into it,” said Knieriemen.

The collaboration happened, with a little tinkering to the recipe at Twisted Trunk Brewery.

“Two good things make one good thing I guess? Maybe? I don't know,” laughed Knieriemen.

“ We weren't sure in the beginning how it would evolve,” admitted Malnove.

“We made a Belgian Saison,” said Knieriemen.

Add 150 pounds of sweet Georgia peaches.

“ If you're going to get a peach I guess you get it from George,” laughed Knieriemen.

“This is going to be a very light, very easy, [summer beer],” Malnove said.


“Refreshing… …Nothing too overbearing,” said Knieriemen.

“ Three months to make the honey, three weeks to make the beer, totally farm to table and local,” boosted Al Salopek of Palm Beach Creamed Honey.


You better SWARM to it now. They only made 45 cases. A very limited-time offering at their three breweries in Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach.

Their launch party is Wednesday in Palm Beach Gardens.