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Bahamas dog trapped in rubble for over three weeks survives

Posted at 3:59 PM, Oct 04, 2019

Using infrared heat-seeking technology on a drone, Big Dog Ranch's search and rescue team located a dog buried under air conditioning units in Marsh Harbour. It's estimated the dog had been trapped for over three weeks.

Big Dog got word Friday morning at 9:30. "They texted me and they said urgent, "We need a plane now. We had a plane there within an hour," says Lauree Simmons, president, and founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Simmons says they're naming the dog "Miracle" because it's a miracle he is still alive. "It's truly a miracle that he survived this long on his own," says Simmons. Miracle arrived at Big Dog Ranch Rescue at 1:38 p.m.

While standing in the emergency room at Big Dog Ranch Simmons told veterinarian staff, "[He was] underneath an AC unit, he was trapped since the storm. And he is just totally emaciated."

"Unfortunately the other dog that was trapped there with him is deceased," says Simmons.

"Miracle" was given 300 milliliters of fluids by a veterinarian and fed small amounts of food before he was cleared for transport back to the United States.

"Hopefully, we can find his owners. If not we'll find him a wonderful home," says Simmons.

"I want everybody to know the crisis [in the Bahamas] is not over," says Simmons. She says there are a lot of dogs too scared to come out because of heavy equipment that's in the area for cleanup efforts."

This rescue mission is Big Dog's 12th since Hurricane Dorian ravaged parts of the Bahamas in September. This mission also included 1,200 pounds of people and animal food.

The team members were Sean Irion, Big Dog Ranch Rescue Volunteer, Douglas Thron, of Douglas Thron Aerial Cinematography, and photographer Cristy Nielsen.

To learn more about Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and to help with Miracle's recovery, click here.