10 things we like about the Cooper's Hawk wine restaurant opening in The Gardens Mall on Monday

Posted at 8:38 PM, Apr 15, 2017

(Click play above to see the video version of our list)

Ten things we like about the new Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant opening on Monday at The Gardens Mall

1. The wine club

It's affordable for almost any budget; membership starts at $16.99 a month for one bottle.  The club takes your pallet on a wine journey experiencing new vareities. You can

  • Drink your bottle in the restaurant
  • Pick it up
  • Ship it to your home

CLICK HERE to learn more.

2. Napa-style wine tasting room

An excellent way to expand your wine journey.  You can do a tasting of eight different wines starting at $7. Plus high-end decanters, wine accessories, and gifts.

3. The Barrel Reserve

A barrel of wine aged right there at the restaurant... get this... in a Barrel.!  And it is GOOD! Conveniently located to the left of the host station.  "Party of 2 for T.A. thanks, I'll take a glass".

4. High-tech patio

You know how finicky we are in Florida about the Weather. "86 degrees out?  Ohhhhhh it's too hot, 68 ooooooh I'm freezing.  Oh, there is a little drizzle outside I'm going to barricade myself in my house for days." Well, this patio puts a stop to that! This patio can seat about 80 and features

  • Retractable roof in case it rains
  • Heaters in case the temperature drops below 68.

5. Cocktails infused with wine

There is a lively bar area filled with wine of course, but fear not, there are spirits as well (I noticed they had my Knob Creek bourbon on stand-by). And even more impressive are cocktails infused with wine like Limoncellos, Sangrias, and more!

6. Craft Beers

If someone you are with doesn't love wine that much there is a beer selection including their own seasonal Cooper's Hawk Ale. There are four craft beers on tap:

  • Funky Buda
  • Twisted Trunk IPGA
  • Tequesta Brewing Company's Chancellor
  • A selection from Two Brother's Brewing (A Chicago favorite).

7. Scratch Kitchen

Honestly, I was so dazzled by the wine tasting I barely even tasted the food.  But the chef prides himself on making everything from scratch and getting the freshest possible ingredients. The food I did get to taste was wonderful, and it is made to order!  Expect to experience an American menu infused with flavors from around the world (get what I call the "Tuna things" photo 15 in the gallery).

8. Paired Food & Wine

Not only can you get wine pairing suggestions for menu items, you can get recommendations for bottles you want to take home with you.

Their Cooper's Hawk Lux Chardonnay for example pairs well with Lobster, crab, mesquite chick, and veal.  I, of course, as a wine newbie didn't know that, but there is a little sign underneath the bottle that told me so!

9. Kid's menu

It is a casual restaurant so they, of course, have a kids menu with YUMMY Mac and Cheese. The chef said in the case of an emergency he could whip something else up in a jiffy.  You know, if a child had a meltdown because they didn't have something on the menu the child desired (my father rectified that situation with a belt, but I digress).

10. The prices

 At lunch expect your bill to be about $15 - 20. During dinner time expect to pay around $25 - $35.

BONUS. The wine decanters

Watch the end of the video to see the bonus footage of these giant decanters that get placed on your table.