How people try to slip into SunFest's VIP areas

Posted at 10:22 PM, May 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-01 22:22:19-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — At this year's SunFest there were many ways to upgrade your experience like getting admission into the Palm or the Cove to be close to the stage with extra amenities. And some people like to see if they can "SCAM" their way in there.

Harold Williams, a SunFest volunteer since the '90s laughed as he recounted all the ways people have tried to get into the VIP areas at SunFest without a ticket over years.

"These are wristbands to get into the Cove; VIP area at SunFest," said Williams.

"Everybody wants these," said a woman named Comfort, a SunFest volunteer.

"You get the really nice bathroom, you're on the waterfront. And you're not congested with everyone," Comfort further explained.

"Plus a nice view of the stage," Williams added.

Will all the luxuries people, "Try to sneak in here," Williams said.

"Well usually it gets pretty funny as it gets later in the day," said Mario Martinez, a SunFest volunteer.

Comfort mimicked a guest, "'My boat is over here! So obviously I belong here.' Not necessarily!"

"Oh, I really need to use your bathroom. I can't make it to the other one," said SunFest volunteer Jennifer who's been at the festival since the begining.

The volunteers recounted the excuses people give to get into VIP.

"My parents are working in here, or I'm working in here. My boyfriend is in here or my girlfriend is in here," said Williams.

"You know my friend has my ticket and he's inside," said Martinez.

"Oh, I just want to cut through," said Jennifer.

"'Oh, I just came out of here a minute ago.' No you didn't, you don't have a band on," said Martinez.

Through the years, the volunteers have seen it all.

Williams remembered one story, "An off duty police officer, I think he was pretty young, he tried to get in with his badge. I told him the Police Chief was inside, want me to go get him and ask him? Then he kind of turned and walked away."

Comfort said, "They try and offer money, but that's not how we do things!"

Some guests are just looking for information and others are genuinely meeting a friend.

And today, we watched as others tried to get in.

Volunteer Tyler said to one man, "I put a wristband on everybody that comes through here. And this has already been marked. Somebody passed him the badge, he didn't have the wristband on so I couldn't let him in."