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Motherly love: Siamang mom spends quality time with kids at Palm Beach Zoo

Did you know siamangs are part of ape family, not monkeys?
Posted at 3:33 PM, May 09, 2024

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Looking for something to do with mom this Mother's Day? Why not visit the siamang exhibit at the Palm Beach Zoo?

WPTV's Tania Rogers recently spent time with Mike Terrell, curator of animal experiences at the Palm Beach Zoo, to learn about the siamangs who call the zoo home.

Raya, the lone female siamang, spends plenty of quality time with her children, Lulu and Louie, especially after the death of Raya's mate.

Terrell said siamangs "always live in a social group" and are "excellent climbers," using their long arms "to move quickly through the trees."

siamang at Palm Beach Zoo climbs tree
A siamang at the Palm Beach Zoo climbs a tree.

Fun fact: Siamangs are not monkeys because they don't have tails. They're the smallest of the great apes.

Terrell also pointed out that their arms are so long "that if they left them by their sides, they would just drag on the ground."

siamang at Palm Beach Zoo walks with arms raised
A siamang at the Palm Beach Zoo walks with its long arms raised.

"So, whenever they're moving around on the ground and running around, they have to put them above their heads in order to move," Terrell said.

How can you help siamangs?

"The easiest way to help siamangs is to come visit us here at the zoo," Terrell said. "We're featuring them as a part of our Mother's Day promotion on Mother's Day."