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LIST: Seven creepy places to propose on Valentine's Day

Posted at 11:37 AM, Feb 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-03 17:31:22-05

As Valentine's Day once again rears its ugly head, it’s not uncommon for lovelorn guys and gals to propose to their sweetheart in elaborate, nauseating displays of affection.

Usually this involves roses and an offensive amount of heart-shaped candies. Can you say BO-RING! Come on, you can do better than that! It’s a well-known fact (around my apartment) that nothing spices up a V-Day more than the morbid and macabre.

Here are the top 7 creepiest places to propose on Valentine's Day. Before you book dinner reservations at that fancy restaurant or reserve a room in a charming bed and breakfast, think outside the proverbial (chocolate candy) box. Give your sweetie a Valentine’s Day to remember (or you know, loathe, or whatever).

1.) The Myrtle’s Plantation (St. Francisville, Louisiana)

One of the most haunted homes in America. This plantation has been the scene of more than ten murders in its 200+ years in operation. How romantic!

2.) Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

This charming Ozark hotel was originally used as a school for girls and later as a “fraudulent cancer hospital.” Today this grand Victorian hotel is widely considered the most haunted hotel in America. Previous tenant “Doctor” Norman Baker was said to have performed questionable medical procedures on both the living and the dead. Swoon!

3.) Homestead (Hot Springs, Virginia)

Legend has it, a woman was set to marry at the inn, but at the last minute her groom-to-be got cold feet, left her before the ceremony and in response she took her own life. Staff members have reported seeing a bridal apparition roaming the resort. So, basically it’s your typical 18th century haunted inn.

4.) The Longfellow’s Wayside Inn (Sudbury, Massachusetts)

You know the story: An American girl falls in love with a British guy. He promises to come back to America to marry her. He doesn’t. She dies single and alone after waiting over 40 years for him and subsequently becomes a ghost (there were also probably cats involved). If you’d like to get better acquainted with this lovelorn lost soul, book a room or a table at the inn’s restaurant.

5.) Edgewood Plantation (Charles City, Virginia)

Girl meets boy. Boy goes to fight in the Civil War. Boy dies. Girl dies of a broken heart. The anguished ghost of Lizzie Rowland is rumored to haunt the Edgewood Plantation. Check it out and book a room if you dare…

6.) Haunted Bellamy Bridge (Marianna, Florida)

I can’t believe this isn’t the most proposed-at spot in Florida! You can only access this bridge by a walk through a swamp. As legend has it, this bridge is haunted by Elizabeth Bellamy, who died on her wedding day when her dress caught fire. How tragically romantic!

7.) Hotel Chelsea, Room 100, New York City

To round out the 7 creepiest places to propose it’s fitting to end with the infamous Hotel Chelsea. In particular, Room 100 (now a large suite), where Nancy Spungen was found under the sink in the bathroom in 1978, dead from a single stab wound to the abdomen. Her sweetie, Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, was arrested and charged with her murder. He died from a heroin overdose in February 1979 while out on bail.