New app helps South Florida families navigate activities during pandemic

Jupiter Family Fun app details measures businesses taking
Posted at 8:15 AM, Jul 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-22 08:15:25-04

JUPITER, Fla.  — Katrina Aronson is a working mother of two children, trying to tackle the new world.

"Just like anybody else, I'm weary of so many new things right now," she said. "There's so much stress on our plates right now as it is, especially for working people. If you're trying to think all the time, I think we are all brainstormed out by the weekend."

Aronson tries to find fun activities for the family and is turning to a free app called Jupiter Family Fun. It's also a website.

"It's definitely a moving target," said co-owner Holly Meyer Lucas, who said the information is updated in real-time.

There is also a special section about what businesses are open and what precautions they are taking with COVID-19.

Holly Meyer Lucas, co-owner of Jupiter Family Fun
Holly Meyer Lucas is the co-owner of Jupiter Family Fun.

"What portion of the activity is actually outdoors," she said, pointing to the details. "You might have to go through the gift shop to get to that outdoor space."

Meyer Lucas said their main goal is accurate information.

"A lot of parents want to know exactly what the workflow looks like, because everyone is making different decisions right now on what they will and will not do," she said.

She's helping parents.

"After you load your kids into the car and by the time you get there and get their shoes on, if that place isn't open or the hours are wrong or the special they're running is wrong, like, that is like death by a thousand paper cuts," Meyer Lucas said.

The app seeks to help local businesses stay afloat during a pandemic.

"Focus on bringing traffic and dollars to those local businesses," she said. "I'm really making sure that the local voices are heard, because they can't spend those advertising dollars on the Google ads."

It's a much needed avenue right now.

"To bring some kind of joy," Aronson said. "We all need a little bit of that."