Rethink your drinks with 3 new booze gadgets

Posted at 3:15 PM, Apr 18, 2017

Unwinding with a good drink after a loooong day is a pastime a lot of us enjoy. But have you ever wondered if you're really living your best life with the way you consume your favorite drink? 

Fear missing out on your best booze experiences, no more! Jared Cotter's got three booze gadgets you need to take your chill game to the next level.

1. Wine Squirrel

If you're a wine nut you'll run up a tree for this stowaway decanter. When you're looking to save some wine for the winter (or two days from now), pop the bottle open and pour it into the decanter, then place the seal at the level of the wine, preserving your wine and bottling some fun for later on. Pre order a decanter for around $59 - you can expect to get one sometime in March, next year.

2. Chilloozie

This is the most high-tech coozie you've ever seen. The vessel is vacuum sealed and made out of stainless steel, keeping your refreshing beverage chilled out for up to two hours! And say goodbye to condensation! That seal keeps all the goodness in and kicks the wet hands out. Grab the Chilloozie on Amazon for around $24.

3. Alkemista Alcohol Infuser

This product will put more "Yum!" in your cocktails. Top mixologists often infuse their liquor with fresh ingredients and you can too! Just fill the infusion filter with fruits, spices, herbs, or whatever, and pour your booze into the bottle. You'll have a bar cocktail in no time - no pants necessary. Pre-order the Alkemista now for around $45.

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