13 ways to deck out your porch for Halloween

Posted at 1:04 PM, Sep 21, 2016

The front porch takes center stage on Halloween as countless children come to enjoy trick-or-treats.

Make your porch a highlight stop this year by adding some extra holiday flair. Here are 13 ideas to inspire some spooktacular displays.

This adorable ghost wants to stick around a while. His arms can wrap around a porch post or railing easily and he greets guess with a haunting smile.

A pair of pumpkins covers for your porch lights can cast an eerie glow for Halloween revelers. 


If you're looking for a a little more subtlety in your Halloween decor, then display this flag to add some country style to your home. 

This little kitty is pretty creepy — what a perfect pet to greet Halloween visitors! His eyes literally light up when people walk by, so trick-or-treaters will know he's lurking around. 

What's Halloween without a little scare factor? How about setting up a screaming doormat for your costumed visitors? This mat uses two AA batteries and slips under any doormat for a scary surprise. 


This little frog in a pumpkin is so cute, everyone would be willing to give him a kiss whether or not he's a prince. 



Take your pumpkin display to the next level with this owl pumpkin holder. The pumpkin sits in the holder and acts as the body, and then all you need to do is poke holes in the pumpkin for the wings and head. Bonus feature — the owl's eyes light up!


You can get into the spirit of Halloween and show off some chic style with these Cast Iron Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns


Treat-or-treat! This candy-holding witch has something good to eat! You may not be able to feed all of your visitors, but it's a great conversation warm up for Halloween. 


An animated LED musical witch ghoul can greet your Halloween guests with flash of the eyes and an appropriately witchy wail. 

Combine one of this year's top home decor trends — throw pillows — with Halloween festivities! Toss these onto the bench that sits on your porch for some holiday fun.

At 4-feet tall, this ghost is the perfect host for anyone stopping by on Halloween night for tricks or treats. 


For those looking to make a big statement for Halloween (or any holiday), here's an LED image motion projection light that comes with 12 different holiday slides. It's perfect for any time of year you want to celebrate!

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