10 epic grocery hauls by extreme couponers

Posted at 3:06 PM, Jun 15, 2015
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Nothing gets the couponing juices going quite like an amazing haul. There is just something magical about that moment when a successful shopping trip ends and you reveal the incredible amount of items you got for next to nothing.

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Not all hauls are created equally, however. Some are just so epic that they stand above the rest. We've scoured Instagram to find what we've judged as the top 10 most epic grocery hauls by extreme couponers.

Take a look at what we found:

Good variety


A photo posted by Lorin Balaban (@lorinkaseyb) on

This eye-catching haul comes from Lorin Balaban (lorinkaseyb). The diversity of the items makes it truly impressive. Chips, cheese, baby lotion, seasoning, bananas ... there's a bit of everything in this haul. Lorin says she spent $97, but got back a $50 gas card and a $50 Visa gift card. That's what we call a serious win.

Cleaning products galore


A photo posted by @francesgemel on

Yes, that's a lot of Tide. And, yes, Tide is relatively pricey. Toss in all the Gain, Bounce, Downy and Softsoap and you'd think this would be a rather expensive haul. You'd be wrong. Frances Gemel managed to get all of this for only about $40 at CVS and got back a $10 cash card.

Tons of toothpaste

Forgive us if you end up dreaming about Crest 3D White tonight after viewing this epic toothpaste haul. Kimoralee of Coupons figured out a way to get all of this for free at Target by using coupons and a gift card promotion. At the very least, her teeth are surely to be white for years!

Water, goodies and more


A photo posted by Lynn H (@crazy4qpons09) on

You know it's a good haul when it fills up the staircase. What's nice about this haul from Lynn H (crazy4qpons09) is that nearly all of the items will likely be used. It's not a situation where an item will sit on the shelf for five years. What's also nice about this haul is that all of these items which normally retail for $320 only cost $40.

Whoa, that's a lot of wipes

A lifetime's supply of baby wipes all in one trip! That's the astounding feat accomplished by Bay Area Couponer (qpon_mamalinda) in one shopping trip to Target. While she did not disclose how much all of this cost her, you can bet it was way below retail given her track record.

Quite a bit for very little

This haul comes from Curletha (imnewatcouponing) — she managed to nab 44 Oxi Clean laundry detergent packs, 43 rolls of paper towels, 12 Crest toothpaste tubes, four bags of cat litter, three boxes of gain dryer sheets and a package of paper plates all for under $10.

Candy crush


A video posted by @ruben_310qpons on

Ruben (ruben_310qpons) has so many epic hauls that it was hard to pick just one, but we felt this one was the best given the jaw-dropping price. Somehow, he figured out a way to stack and use rainchecks to get all of this stuff for just $1.55 at Rite Aid. Yes, you read that correctly, $1.55. He won't need to buy Halloween candy for years!

Quality and quantity

At first glance, this might not look like the most incredible haul, but when you consider some of the products it becomes a lot more impressive. It's rare to find a haul that includes items like pillows, blankets and slippers. It's even more rare to find a haul that includes those items at just a $15 price tag. It would have cost Candace Collins (candaceluvzu2) $222.28 before coupons and Extra Bucks.

Garnier blowout

We're not entirely sure what cuteponclippings could possibly do with so many hair products, but it's an epic haul nonetheless. It's definitely the most impressive Garnier Fructis haul we've come across with 184 total items. The best part is that she got all of this stuff for free by stacking coupons at Walgreen’s.

A real winner


A photo posted by Couponbella (@couponbella) on

Couponbella in the house! She's had a slew of exceptional hauls over the last year (although none within the past couple months), but this one is just plain legendary. The mops definitely put it over the top. As does the fact that she got all of these items for either 5 cents or at a 60% off discount. The total cost is unknown.

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