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KFC Is Testing Fried Chicken Sandwiches With Glazed Donuts As The Bread

Posted at 11:35 AM, Sep 18, 2019

Did you miss out on your chance to get a fried chicken sandwich at Popeye’s? Well, now Kentucky Fried Chicken hopes to make their own contribution to the fried chicken sandwich wars with the introduction of their Chicken and Donuts menu.

The new menu is now being tested for a limited time in 40 locations in the following markets: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Norfolk, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia. It includes the Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich, which has two glazed donuts as the “bread” as well as the Fried Chicken and Donut Basket, which comes with chicken on the bone or chicken tenders alongside donuts.

The basket is priced at $5.49 for one donut, and $7.49 for two donuts. The sandwich is $5.99, or $7.99 for a combo. Customers can also add donuts to any meal for just $1. The donuts will arrive at KFC locations pre-cooked, and will be dipped in fryers and glazed in vanilla icing upon ordering.

Business Insider correspondent Kate Taylor shared an image of the new sandwich on Twitter:

“Consumers are increasingly seeking novel, craveable flavor combinations that give them the best of both sweet and savory worlds to create a unique taste experience,” KFC said in a press release. ” Through this test market, KFC is evaluating consumer appetite for bringing this growing food trend to its customers on a national scale.”

Looks like a few lucky customers are starting to try the new menu. Twitter user Tvar Spinks at @teevirus posted an image of the chicken and donut basket, but gave few details, saying only, “Well folks the KFC chicken and donuts didn’t disappoint. It was definitely chicken with a side of doughnuts.”

At the YouTube channel iBerleezy,two popular YouTubers tried the sandwich. They were skeptical at first, but once they took a bite they became converts. Berleezy gave the sandwich a 4 out of 5, saying, “Each bite is just a reminder of how good it is.”

Although the combination may sound unconventional, when you think about it, the salty and sweet pairing actually makes sense. It’s a natural spin on the classic combination of chicken and waffles, for example, which KFC actually tested out in 2018.

Check out that yummy-looking menu item, as posted on Twitter on KFC’s official account::

“That’s right,” read the caption. “Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles together with sweet syrup. And that’s all you folks need to hear.”

While we’re sure neither of these menu items is going to win any awards for healthiest fast-food picks, they both sound like indulgences that would be worth a try!

According to the fast-food chain, the chicken-and-donuts combo is being tested in a limited area to see how it might do nationwide. Would you try out this sweet-and-savory match made in heaven?

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