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How to hide your messy cords once and for all

How to hide your messy cords once and for all
Posted at 6:30 AM, May 15, 2023

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Technology simplifies our lives in so many ways. From small appliances in our kitchens to computers at our fingertips, we can do things quicker and easier than ever before. The hitch is that, because most of our devices need to be plugged in to operate or charge, it creates a new problem: cord clutter.

In our living room, the problem usually revolves around the entertainment center. At our desks, computer monitors and power cords are most likely to be culprits.


When cords are running amok, it can be visually distracting. Cord management systems help keep unsightly cords corralled and camouflaged. The best cable cord organizer will meet your needs whether you are hiding one cord or multiple. Cord organizers offer an economical solution to keeping cords hidden and out of the way. The type of system you choose will depend on how many cables you have — from sleeves to clips to straps, there’s a solution for all varieties of cord clutter.

The Joto 20-inch Cable Cord Organizer Sleeve (Four-Pack) is currently on sale for $9.99 on Amazon and offers four long, flexible neoprene sleeves that zip up to neatly bundle the mess. Measuring 19-20 inches long and 1.2 inches in diameter when zipped, it makes for a great TV entertainment system organizer.


If you have eight to 10 cables you’d like to loosely bundle together, you could use this set to connect two sleeves by their zippers to create one large neoprene tube.

With more than 10,590 5-star ratings, this set comes highly rated. Reviewer Ken K. raved about having used them in multiple areas of his house and likes that they keep him from looking like he lives “in an IT closet.” He also likes how they prevent his cats from damaging the wires.

Another handy solution is the Pasow Cable Ties 50-piece set.


Currently on sale for just $6.49, the 50-piece set is made from reusable velcro and easily keeps cords bundled and out of the way, whether they’re in a drawer or coming out of an entertainment system. This set has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and scored highly for being easy to use, lightweight and versatile. Reviewers used it to secure everything from mic and guitar cables to Ethernet cables to USB cords. One reviewer said they connect multiple strips together when harnessing thicker wires.


Another reviewer enjoyed how much easier these re-adjustable cables were compared to the zip ties they’d been using.

Safety First

The best cable cord organizers will keep safety at the forefront. It’s best to keep your bundle to five cords or fewer. Since cables can become warm during use, the key is to leave enough room to let them breathe. Not only can too many cords be cumbersome to contain, but too many wrapped together can be a fire hazard. Another safety tip is to keep the cords away from foot traffic where anyone might accidentally trip on them.

Box cord organizers are another way to keep family members safe. They’re great for areas like behind shelves or tucked away in corners and can help keep little fingers from reaching open wires.

Are you battling cord clutter? A cable cord organizer could be the perfect inexpensive solution.

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