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New purse helps keep women safe in emergency situations

Posted at 10:09 PM, Apr 25, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – A new gadget that can be stored inside Aubry Lane purses allows women to stay safe during possible kidnapping situations.

Each purse can be equipped with GPS capabilities that can be tracked anywhere in the world – especially if the owner needs help.

The Aubry Lane Amulet is described as a “3G cellular emergency communication device” that has a built-in SOS button.

"What you do is you hold down the SOS button. And you're going to hold down that button for two seconds or until it vibrates. Once it vibrates, that's when it goes into action,” said Hallie Geyh, creative director at Aubry Lane. “You have five pre-programmed emergency contacts."

The contacts are called and owners of the bag can speak into the SOS button to ask for help.

The Aubry Lane Amulet is priced between $200 and $400.

More information can be found here.