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Gas apps help save on Thanksgiving travel

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Posted at 9:48 PM, Nov 23, 2021

Gasoline prices have soared just as the holiday travel season has begun. About a third of Americans will be driving this Thanksgiving.

AAA says the average price of regular unleaded gasoline is more than $3.40 a gallon. It's even higher in the west. California is topping $4.70. 

One way people are trying to cut their fuel costs is by using gasoline apps that tell motorists how to find the lowest prices. 

Gas Buddy is the most popular. The company says it's been downloaded 100 million times.

It works through crowdsourcing. People add per gallon costs and locations. The company says it provides real-time gas prices at more than 150,000 stations. 

GasBuddy also offers cash-back deals and has a payment card. 

Gas Guru is a little different in that its data comes not from other drivers but from the Oil Price Information Service. It's owned by Dow Jones. 

Gas Guru can also tell drivers where to find auto repair shops, car washes, ATMs and 24-hour restaurants. 

Many people use Waze to navigate around road construction, avoid traffic jams and spot police. But it can also direct drivers to the closes gas station.

The apps are available on various app stores.

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