Facebook plea for son to call home goes viral

Posted at 9:54 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 21:54:02-04

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – Did you drop your child off at college and never hear from them again? If so you’re not alone. Now one mother is using social media to do something about it.

Ann McCarney dropped her son Liam off at college three weeks ago. It’s the longest amount of time the freshman has been away from home and phone calls to mom have fallen by the wayside.

“Hi! Liam hi! It's mommy,” McCarney says in her video. “Do you remember me? I'm your mommy.”

The video is now making its way around the world.

“Do you remember? That was me that gave you life?,” McCarney asks sarcastically. “I know my hairs a little shorter, but I kind of still look the same right? Yeah? Side view?”

McCarney says the video was a fun way to point out how well adjusted Liam is to college life.

"Do you remember the first two-years of your life," McCarney asks with a look of concern. "There was this woman and you were always on her hip. You never wanted to get put down. Do you remember that? I'm that woman!"

McCarney says parents have thanked her for posting the video. "I thought he'd want to call his mom," McCarney explained. "That's what moms want. We want to be called. People have been saying it as long as the phone was invented. Call your mom! Just a call...just a phone call and let me know you're alive."

Jared Skinner, a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University, says he experienced something similar when he left home.

"First couple weeks, you know, with the new environment and I was loving living away from the parents, Skinner explained. "Probably about three weeks later I got a text from the sister saying give mom a call, she's a little upset she hasn't heard from you."

Skinner says he now calls his mom a few times a week, something McCarney hopes Liam will remember to do as well.

"Mammas gotta call him out," McCarney said on Facebook. "Thank god he has a really good sense of humor."

To watch the full video click here.