Should Vulcan salute become new greeting in coronavirus era?

'Star Trek' actor promotes greeting amid coronavirus concerns
Leonard Nimoy holds up copy of 'I Am Spock' autobiography
Posted at 10:25 AM, Mar 06, 2020

SPACE, The Final Frontier — A "Star Trek" actor is endorsing the Vulcan salute as a way to safely greet others amid growing concerns about the coronavirus.

George Takei, who starred as Sulu in the 1960s NBC television series and subsequent movies, shared a meme on his Twitter page Thursday about the proper way to greet someone amid the outbreak.

The meme shows a split image of two shaking hands crossed out and a picture of Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the series, making the gesture.

Takei's post included a familiar message to Trekkies: "Live long and prosper."

Of course, some people find the Vulcan salute rather difficult. Such was the case for Dr. Leonard McCoy during a scene in the "Journey to Babel" episode.

Live long and prosper, people.