John Stamos shares first photo of son's face

Posted at 9:43 AM, Jun 19, 2018

John Stamos just gave the world our first good look at his son as part of a heartfelt message on Father’s Day.

The “Full House” star and his wife, actor Caitlin McHugh, welcomed little Billy in April. Stamos and McHugh have shared some photos of their first child since his birth, but they had shied away from showing his face in them.

On Sunday that changed when Stamos shared a great portrait of himself and Billy on Instagram — and you can see he’s already got some striking dark hair just like both his parents!

The picture was the headline-grabber, but Stamos’ words in the caption were just as sweet.

“My first Father’s Day means that I don’t have to hand a kid back to the parents when someone yells cut,” the actor wrote. “It means when people ask me if I’m a father, I don’t have to use the goofy line, ‘No, but I play one on TV.'”

Stamos also wrote that being a father was “all I ever wanted.” The 54-year-old star is clearly enjoying his first time filling that role!



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Another thing Stamos promised in his Father’s Day message? To finally start showing signs of aging!

“My first Father’s Day means that from this day forward — I will start to look my age (and older),” he wrote.

I’ll believe that when I see it! Anyone who has paid attention to Stamos’ career knows that he looks about the same today as he did when “Full House” debuted in 1987 … but possibly even a little better, thanks to expert-level manscaping and loss of his mullet.


Stamos wasn’t the only famous dad to give the world a closer look at his young son on Father’s Day. Justin Timberlake did something similar in a touching Instagram post about raising his 3-year-old son, Silas.

Here’s to the next generation of heartbreakers!

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