'He's alive,' Peloton proclaims in response to 'Sex and the City' revival series plotline

Twitter video offers retort to death of popular 'Mr. Big' character
Posted at 8:07 AM, Dec 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-13 08:23:42-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Peloton is changing the narrative when it comes to a popular "Sex and the City" character.

The New York-based exercise company on Sunday unveiled a rebuttal to a particular plot point in the new "Sex and the City" revival series.

"Mr. Big," one of the main characters of the original "Sex and the City" series and its limited revival "And Just Like That…" on HBO Max, died of a heart attack after taking a 45-minute Peloton class in the first episode.

In Peloton's parody commercial, which was released on the company's Twitter page, Peloton instructor Jess King is seen sitting on a couch with Chris Noth, the actor who portrayed "Mr. Big."

"To new beginnings," Noth tells her.

"To new beginnings," she replies. "You look great."

"Oh, I feel great," he says. "Shall we take another ride? Life's too short not to."

As they laugh, a voiceover (courtesy of Ryan Reynolds) can be heard.

Chris Noth, 'He's alive,' Peloton parody video in response to 'And Just Like That...'
Actor Chris Noth, reprising his role as "Mr. Big" from "Sex and the City," appears in a parody video that proclaims his character is still alive after being killed off in the HBO Max revival series "And Just Like That..."

"And just like that, the world was reminded that regular cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases," Reynolds says. "Cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels. He's alive."

Peloton spokeswoman Jessica Kleiman told WPTV that the video was created with the help of Reynolds' marketing company, Maximum Effort.

Reynolds also shared the video in a tweet Sunday, writing, "Unspoiler alert."

Shares for the company's plummeted to a 52-week low of $37.67 on Friday, the day after "And Just Like That…" debuted on HBO Max.