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Designers Created The Perfect Bed For Cat Owners

Designers Created The Perfect Bed For Cat Owners
Posted at 7:00 AM, Dec 03, 2020

Cat-lovers will go to great lengths to keep their furry friends happy, and now there is even a human bed that was designed with feline delight in mind.

The Gatrimonial Bed from the Colombian company Catlife offers a dual purpose: Humans can sleep on a mattress on top of the bed while cats play or hide in the labyrinth that’s set up in the base of it.

The cozy, dark maze built into the bed is a great place for cats to feel safe and secure as they snooze or run around chasing toys.

The set includes the bed base with the internal labyrinth. It does not include a mattress.


The base has large circles that allow cats to enter and exit, and smaller holes to provide proper air flow for them while they’re hanging out in the maze.


Catlife also makes other furniture for cats to enjoy, including end tables with holes for climbing in and out, cat-friendly shelving, feeding stations and more.


Catlife isn’t the only company making sure our furry pets have unique playtime and places to hide.

Check out these wall-mounted shelves and ladder made specifically for adventurous cats who love to climb. Available on Etsy, the pieces may be bought separately.


Meanwhile, the company One Fast Cat offers an exercise wheel for cats, similar to the kind that hamsters enjoy. For $199, you can select a classic black design for the inside of the wheel or a leopard-print for a touch of the wild.

One Fast Cat

If you have indoor cats, experts say you should try to play with them at least twice per day to keep them in good health. If you are the only person they see regularly, you are one of their only forms of entertainment!

As much as you might dislike toys with sounds or that make squeaking noises, cats enjoy them because they offer an extra form of stimulus. Make sure you change up your cats’ toys often because they can get bored with the same ones.

Would you buy a bed that also functions as a play space for cats?

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