What our undecided voters ultimately decided

Posted at 2:29 PM, Nov 09, 2016

DecodeDC has followed four “voters on the fence” since early September. They graciously agreed to share with us — and you, the readers — what they were thinking as they tried to decide on which candidate to support.

In the final week before Election Day, three of the four committed to a candidate, with one selecting Donald Trump, one Hillary Clinton, one Gary Johnson, and the fourth considering abstaining.

All three stayed with their candidate of choice Tuesday, and the fourth did ultimately decide to not vote.

While Margaret Deluca, 56, of Lakewood, Colo., voted for Clinton, whom she had been supporting for a few weeks, she anticipated that watching the election results come in would be “somewhat like trying not to gawk at a horrible car accident. You want to keep your eyes on the road, but it's just so hard.”

Emily Werff, 38, from Cincinnati, Ohio ultimately voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson, whom she had initially been leaning towards before considering Clinton. On her final vote, Werff said on Tuesday, “I did feel a little like a traitor today not voting for a woman because I am semi-excited to see if we can finally get a woman for prez … but maybe just not Hillary.”

Deb Morrison, 56, Vevay, Ind., did indeed vote for Donald Trump, and, in the end, Alon Sendowski, 27, of Prince Georges County, Md., chose to flex his American right to not vote and abstained.