Taking the (really) long view: Who to watch in Election 2048

Posted at 11:12 AM, Jan 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-15 14:58:22-05

One of the most common complaints about American politics and political coverage is that it is so shortsighted. Its vision extends only as far as the next election.

Exhibit A: The news this week is filled with big think pieces about the possibility Mitt Romney will run, the allure of Scott Walker and fast start of Jeb Bush. This is what passes for deep, long-view news analysis.

I’ve been spending some time taking the really long view.  I think the election fight that is shaping up to be really pivotal and hard-fought is 2048.

Obviously the front-runner is Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.  Born on September 26, 2014, Charlotte (she already can just go by her first name!) already has the air of inevitability.  And that can be a big problem. Front-runners are the easy targets everyone snipes at, so expect her to play coy for awhile, focusing on “Goodnight Moon” and rattles, but don’t be surprised if she moves on to Lego and multicultural dolls by the time 2016 is in full swing.

Charlotte will be spending a good part of her first 40 years looking over her shoulder at the still unborn child of David Lauren and Lauren Bush-Lauren.   Bush-Lauren is George H.W. Bush’s granddaughter and niece of frères Jeb and George.  Poppa’s dad is fashion mogul Ralph Lauren.

The family’s advisers haven’t picked out a gender for Team Lauren’s candidate yet, but their pollsters have been in the field. Iconoclasts on the team are even thinking that the second or third unborn child might have a more compelling story – apparently  birth order is said to have an effect on personality type.

2044 is shaping up as a time when Americans will be looking for optimism, a can-do spirit and the kind of charisma that crosses borders. That spells extrovert, possibly a youngest, with special attention to learning foreign languages and soccer early.

Among other “breeders,” pundits are looking hard at are Abby Huntsman, daughter of the former Republican governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, and a host on MSNBC.   Drop-dead gorgeous and quick with the quips, Huntsman has the bloodlines and the talent to nurture a winner.

What makes her stand-out is that her time at MSNBC on top of her GOP genes could allow her offspring to run in either party. Most pundits say a decision like that needs to come before eighth grade – and that’s pushing it.

Clearly, these three are going to be the fresh faces of 2044. And they’ll have to wrestle some far more experienced gladiators. Case in point:  Rex W. Jiblet, a junior at Mark Hannah High School in Winesburg, Ohio. 

Jiblet is in his third year as student council president, a first at the dog-eat-dog Hannah High and he’s poised to head up Ohio Student Leaders next year, if not the national.

He nailed perfect 800s on his SATs in November while anchoring the back line on the soccer team.  His SuperPAc raised $750,000 in 2014, mostly from his day trading on mortgage derivatives during study hall.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the big issues of 2048.

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