Cuban Americans in South Florida help President Trump win state

'They think he is a socialist,' Little Havana store owner says
President Donald Trump speaks after Election Day results, Nov. 4, 2020
Posted at 4:48 PM, Nov 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 18:51:10-05

MIAMI — On the streets in Little Havana, it’s more quiet that in days past.

"It's been slow, to be completely honest. It's expected,” said one store owner.

Most all are digesting the results from Tuesday's election and acknowledging President Donald Trump's victory in Florida can be tied in part to the support from Cuban Americans in Miami.

"No! I was not surprised," said another store owner. "Joe, Joe, they think he is a socialist."

Trump's support in Miami-Dade County was up from the last election, due in part to key messaging.

"Very anti-communism, socialism, anything that reminds them of regime in Cuba, they will go against," said another voter.

According to NBC exit polls, about 55% of the state's Cuban American vote went to Trump.

"I think he'll win. I think so," exclaimed once woman walking on the street.

Trump's attention to the Hispanic vote and hours spent in South Florida paid dividends in the state, according to political experts like Kevin Wagner with the Florida Atlantic University political science department.

"He was pretty effective at messaging especially to Cuban Americans in Miami-Dade," said Wagner. "It's all a question of margins in Florida. He did better with them. In other words, he got a larger proportion of their vote than he did in 2016."

"Because they love him, they love him," said a store owner.

It's a key victory in a key battleground state as the race for electoral votes continues.