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State's coronavirus cases more than triple in week; 17,955 daily most recently

Hospitalizations up 57% from seven days ago with deaths' rise only 125.
Posted at 7:30 PM, Dec 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-27 23:58:40-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Florida's coronavirus situation continues to worsen as residents' cases have more than tripled in one week, including 17,955 most recently, and hospitalization are up 55% though deaths increased by only 125 after 271 the week before, according to data submitted by the state to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention.

Infections have risen to a cumulative 3,936,170, which is a 166,533 increase compared with 53,256 the week before. Over two weeks, they have gone up 249,780. Deaths rose to 62,389.

Case posted Monday by the CDC were fewer than 21,040 Sunday and a record 32,874 Saturday, which surpassed the mark of 31,744 the day before and 27,668 during the height of the delta variant surge on Aug. 26.

With the omicron spreading worldwide in the past month, Florida's cases have climbed exponentially from 1,947 two weeks ago to 3,030, 4,104, 6,835, 8,786, 10,285, 10,108, 10,108, 16,006, 20,151, 26,763, 31,744, 3,2874, 21,040, 17,999. Twice week a CDC revises new daily cases in data provided by the state.

On Nov. 27, cases dropped to 1,224, which was the lowest since 1,191 June 9, 2020 early in the pandemic.

The seven-day average daily is 23,790, which surpassed 21,640 on Aug. 16.

Florida is second behind New York with 237,310 cases, including 144,224 in the city and 93,086 elsewhere. New Jersey has the third-most infections with 98,198 followed by California with 85,760.

California has the most cumulative cases at 4,990,016 and Texas is second at 4,516,356. New York reported 26,737 cases Monday for a total of 3,210,932 after a record 44,431 Friday.

Nationwide, the CDC reported 164,644 cases Monday, with Florida representing 10.9%. Six days earlier there were 291,623, which is the most since 294,015 Jan. 8.

These figures generally don't include home rapid tests.

A key indicator of coronavirus is the first-time positivity rate, which rose to 13.85% in one week from 5.4% with 5.0% and below the target rate.

Deaths have not spiked nearly as much though there is a lag in reporting them. In its weekly report, the state reported an increase of 42 over four days.

Nationwide, the seven-day moving daily average is 1,041, which is the lowest since 985 Dec. 2. During the holiday weekend, 89 deaths were reported Sunday and 99 Saturday. The high in the past week was 2,171, which is the most since 2,230 Oct. 8.

California has the most deaths at 75,461 and Texas second at 74,262. New York trails Florida with 59,119.

Ohio reported the most deaths over one week at 692 followed by Pennsylvania at 652, Arizona at 492, California 436, Arizona 464.

Hospitalizations have been surging but not as significantly as cases.

On Monday, 2,406 were in the 245 Florida hospitals with COVID-19, the most since 2,427 Oct. 23, representing 4.47% of the available beds. One week ago it was 1,527. All hospitalizations are 38,900, which is 71.04% of available beds. The all-time low for coronavirus hospitalizations: 1,228 Nov. 29. The all-time high: 17,295 Aug. 29.

In the U.S., a total of 71,298 are hospitalized, which is 9.97%, compared with 68,356 one week ago. Total hospitalizations are 516,738 or 71.31%.

Florida, with the third-largest population in the state, is 10th. New York is w5,772 (12.51%), Ohio second with 5,147 (17.53%), Pennsylvania third with 4,673 (15.98%), Illinois fourth with 4,435 (15.02%), California fifth with 4,270 (6.93%), Texas sixth with 4,187 (6.37%). In the top 20, Indiana has the largest percentage at 17.87% (2,943 in beds).