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South Florida counties continue to drop in coronavirus cases, positivity rates, hospitalizations in week

But deaths rose 444 seven days after 308
Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 21:18:07-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Although every Florida county remains listed as "high" coronavirus transmission, South Florida's counties again have shown declines in virtually all of their cases, hospitalizations and positivity rates though deaths, which lag sometimes weeks behind other data, have increased, according to data posted Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Also Tuesday, the CDC reported 20,071 new cases compared with 35,191 last week and the record 77,052 Jan. 8. On Jan.22 8,351 infections were reported, the least since 6,830 Dec. 15.

Fatalities are 65,271 residents with a four-day increase of 630 and weekly of 1,263 (549 previous week) updated Monday.

The seven South Florida counties' deaths increased 444 in the past week vs. 308 past week and 203 one week earlier. Palm Beach County rose from 51 to 128. In all the county has 4,535 deaths, the third most in the state behind Miami-Dade at 9,755 and Broward at 5,266. Okeechobee reported no charge for two weeks in a row.

Though South Florida's data declined, they are still several times above the minimum for cases per 100,000 of 100 or more and positivity rate of 10% or more in the "high" category. But the cases per 100,000 have dropped below 1,000 in all of them.

Of the South Florida counties, the positivity rates went down everywhere except slightly up in Okeechobee (47.9% from 47.8%) with the latter's percentage the highest. Palm Beach County decreased to 19.98% from 25.00%.

The Florida Health Department considers 5% the target rate and the state is listed as more than 25%. In last week's state report released Friday, the percentage was 23.5%.

Hospitalizations also have decreased in every county except Okeechobee where it went from 22 admissions in one week to 24. Palm Beach County dropped from 604 to 461.Notably, Broward decreased to 63 admissions in the past week after 935. Miami-Dade went from 1,638 to 964 admissions.

In data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday, Florida's hospitalizations declined to 8,798 (16.22% of capacity) with coronavirus, the least since 8,406 (14.45%) Jan. 6 and compared with 9,015. But 232 hospitals rpeorted compared with 259 the day before. They reached 11,839 (21.29%) Jan. 19, which was most since 12,651 Sept. 11. The record is 17,295 (29.35%) on Aug. 29. Total beds in use are 44,319 (80.34) comparedc with one week ago 46,208 (81.59%).

The state is in third place for deaths behind California with 79,382, adding 98 Tuesday, and Texas with 78,360, gaining 200 in a day. New York is fourth with 65,060, adding 214 in one day.

Since the first two cases were announced on March 1, 2020, Florida's infections of residents have grown to 5,555,874, the third state to pass the 5 million milestone 17 days ago. It took 131 days to pass 4 million on Dec. 28, 145 days to pass 3 million on Aug. 19, 106 days to pass 2 million on March 27, 276 days to pass 1 million on Dec. 2, 2020.

Florida is behind California with 7,915,768, including the one-day U.S. record 143,380 21 days ago and a U.S.-high 37,147 posted Tuesday with Texas 6,254,867 and a mark of 74,491 Jan. 13 with 35,521 most recently New York is fourth with 4,791,065, including a record 90,132 Jan. 8 but only 5,115 Tuesday.

Florida has surpassed 70,000 cases four times with the last one three weeks ago.

Before the omicron variant emerged, the record was 27,664 amid the delta strain last summer.

Florida's seven-day moving average is 24,884, lowest since 24,862 Dec. 24. The record was 65,637 Jan. 11. On Nov. 27 the average was 1,224.

Florida 174,190 cases in the past week are third behind California's 519,042 and Texas' 246,182. Two weeks ago New York was fourth with 319,000, including 153,711 in the city and 165,289 elsewhere, but it has dropped overall to 84,090 in 11th with 29,085 in the city and 55,005 elsewhere. Washington state is now fourth with 136,432, North Carolina fifth with 123,185 and Arizona sixth with 103,342.

Twice a week the CDC revises new daily cases and deaths in data provided by the state. On other days deaths are only added of ones that occurred the previous day.

In the state report Friday, fatalities rose in one week from 605 to 1,192, the most since 1,252 Oct. 15, but far below the record of 2,448 during the delta surge on Sept. 10, according to data from the Florida Department of Health.

In the U.S., hospitalizations declined to 128,528 (18.37%) from 134,108 the previous day with the record 160,113 Jan. 20. Until the spike record was 142,315 on Jan. 14 last year. The high during the delta surge was 103,896 Sept. 1.

Florida is third in U.S. in covid hospitalizations with California first with 13,950 (21.98%), Texas second with 12,918 (21.21%), New York fourth with 7,548 (17.56%).

Florida reported 118,233 tests on Jan. 25, the most recent available day, with the record 271,030 Jan. 3.

Here is the breakdown of South Florida counties in the past week and posted Tuesday:

Palm Beach: cases 8,711 (15,075 last week), cases per 100,000 581.99 (1,007.17 last week), positivity 19.98% (25.99% last week), deaths total 4,535, 128 increase (51 last week), new hospitalizations 461 (604 last week).

Martin: cases 1,097 (1,358 last week), cases per 100,000 681.37 (843.48 last week), positivity 26.3% (30.84% last week), deaths total 543, 2 increase (9 last week), new hospitalizations 129 (138 last week).

St. Lucie: cases 2,526 (4,290 last week), cases per 100,000 769.43 (1,306.74 last week), positivity 31.07% (35.99% last week), death total 1,073, 0 increase (11 last week), new hospitalizations 119 (194 last week).

Indian River: cases 1,269 (1,923 last week), cases per 100,000 793.51 (1,202.45 last week), positivity 27.38% (34.89% last week), deaths total 592, 5 increase (7 last week), new hospitalizations 4 (49 last week).

Okeechobee: cases 403 cases (588 last week), cases per 100,000 403 (1,394.42 last week), positivity 47.9% (47.8% last week), deaths total 164, 0 increase (0 last week), new hospitalizations 24 (22 last week).

Broward: cases 11,917 (23,063 last week), cases per 100,000 610.26 (1,181,04 last week), positivity 18/22% (24.35% last week), deaths 5,266 total, 119 increase (80 last week), new hospitalizations 63 (935 last week).

Miami-Dade: cases 23,019 (436,959 last week), cases per 100,000 847.24 (1,728/38 last week), positivity 19.1% (24.04% last week), deaths total 9,755, 190 increase (151 last week), new hospitalizations 964 (1,638 last week).

During the summer, Palm Beach County School District wanted two weeks of moderate transmission to end its mask mandate for students, which is one category below severe. The district achieved that in mid-November though the state has banned those requirements.

Last week, the school district went to optional masks for staff and visitors.

The state has banned mask mandates for students.