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Palm Beach County comedian Wayne Felber dies from COVID-19

'Even when the chips were down that guy didn’t give up,' friend says
Wayne Felber, West Palm Beach comedian dies from COVID-19
Posted at 4:33 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 17:20:37-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A well-known local comedian died Thursday morning from COVID-19, leaving friends reflecting on his life and memory.

Friends and family of Wayne Felber describe him as a loving man of faith who cherished loved ones and wanted to change lives with one laugh at a time.

"They always give to somebody else and they always tried to make somebody’s else life better. Wayne was my Rocky," said comedian Jordan Garnett.

Jordan Garnett, comedian reflects on death of Wayne Felber
Jordan Garnett reflects on the death of his friend and fellow comedian Wayne Felber.

Fellow comedians reflected on his life after learning of his death.

"The comedy scene is going to really miss a character like that because they don't really come as often as they do being really supportive of other people and other comics," comedian Michael Cintron.

Felber's fellow comedians also describe him as a fighter.

Eleven years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and survived that battle.

They had hoped he would beat COVID-19 too.

Michael Cintron
Michael Cintron was among the comedians mourning Felber's death Thursday.

"It sucks that he is not coming out. But he is with us and the two guys behind me, this is like the Mohicans. Like we started this, and this is a tight brother group, and it's hard to find true friends," Garnett said.

Making people laugh was one of the many joys of Felber, but also giving back to his community. He started Team Felber, which hosted fundraisers for people in need.

His friends said his comedic legacy will live on along with the impact he and his wife, Sharon, made throughout the years.

Ramon Garcia, reflects on death of comedian Wayne Felber
Ramon Garcia says Felber was a "healer" known for his charitable pursuits.

"Wayne was a healer we come here, and we'll heal ourselves. Then we'll heal other people. He always took it a step further besides that he always did charities," said comedian Ramon Garcia.

"Even when the chips were down that guy didn’t give up. He just didn't give up. Wayne you won. You won dawg. You're here, and you will always be here. I love you, and I love you Sharon," Garnett said.