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Florida reports 6,846 coronavirus cases, most since Sept. 24

Deaths rise 118 over three days, 184 over week
Posted at 8:04 PM, Dec 16, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Florida reported 6,848 new coronavirus residents' cases, the most since 7,184 in Sept. 24. That figure is more than five times the weekly average from less than three weeks ago.

However, the surge in cases is nowhere near the spike that occurred this summer from the delta variant and in some northern U.S. states.

The Florida Department of Health has reported a total of 3,730,654 residents' cases to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a posting Thursday. The state stopped posting daily figures on June 4.

The numbers have been surging significantly this week: from 1,976 Monday to 3,067 Tuesday to 4,127 Wednesday.
Seven days ago it was 2,599.

Deaths have not been surging. The CDC reported 62,191 residents' deaths, which is a three-day increase of 118 and one week of 184. On Aug. 27, a state record 425 residents died.

Twice a week the CDC back-adjusts deaths that have been reported to the state, including those from weeks ago. On Monday, the four-day increase was 66 with seven days 284.

The record for most cases is 27,730 on Aug. 26 during the height of a surge from the delta variant. The situation had subsided to a weekly daily average of 1,224 on Nov. 27 with only 686 reported on Nov. 26.

The daily seven-day average has risen to 3,314, which is the most since 3,318 Oct. 10.

On Thursday, the CDC reported a total of 143,760 cases in the U.S. This was two days after 195,369, which was the least since 212,116 Jan. 16. The seven-day moving average had dropped to 11,518 on June 19 when there were 1,692 that day.

New York state reported 18,276 cases, which is the most since a record 19,578 on Jan. 8, according to the CDC for a total of 2,874,781, which is fourth in the United States.

Among other states: Ohio reported 11,803 infections (including a backlog of 1,347 and most since record 14,293 Jan. 2), Illinois 11,858 (most since 12,542 Dec. 1, 202), Pennsylvania with 7,358, New Jersey with 6,271 (most since Jan. 13)

California has the most cases, 4,901,895, including 5,495 most recently, and Texas is second at 4,391,567 with an additional 5,735.

In cases over the past week, Florida ranks 12th at 23,202, according to the CDC. Pennsylvania is first at 59,126, lllinois second at 53,521, Ohio third at 52,466.

California has 74,879 fatalities, including 85 reported Thursday, with Texas second at 73,658 with 90most recently.

Pennsylvania on Thursday reported the most daily deaths in the U.S. deaths, 105, for a total of 35,095. Some states, including Michigan, don't report deaths daily.

Over the past seven days, Pennsylvania reported a U.S.-high 792 with Ohio second at 583, Arizona third at 545, California fourth with 443, Texas fifth with 421, Michigan sixth with 413.

Hospitalizations have been increasing in the United States, including Florida.

In Florida, 1,556 were hospitalized with COVID-19 for a 2.69 percentage with the total 1,389 one week ago and a record low 1,228 Nov. 29, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service. Florida ranks 15th in the nation for COVID-19 hospitalizations despite the third-biggest population.

In the nation 68,847 were hospitalized with COVID-19 for a 9.1% percentage with 64,147 one week ago.