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CDC considers all of Florida 'high' coronavirus transmission; cases rise 59,847

Hospitalizations climb 732 in one day to 7,646
Posted at 7:51 PM, Jan 05, 2022

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Every county in Florida has a high level of coronavirus transmission — several times above the minimum for that category for cases per 100,000 and positivity rate in South Florida — as omicron becomes the dominent variant, according to weekly data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state's new cases are at a record level. On Wednesday, the CDC reported 59,847 new residents' cases for a cumulative 4,419,665 — the second highest behind the record 75,902 Saturday. During the delta surge the record was 27,668 on Aug. 26. The seven-day moving daily average is a record 55,336 (387,354 weekly) — more than double one week ago. Two weeks ago the daily average was 9,461.

Deaths are 62,542, which is a 152 weekly increase. The CDC updates the death totals twice a week: usually on Thursday and Monday from Florida Health Department data.

And hospitalizations rose 732 in one day to 7,646 one week after 3,836. Overall, the state, which has the third-largest population, is fourth behind New York (11,194), California (8,505), Texas (8,299).

The CDC considers high transmission of one of two areas are high: new cases per 100,000 in past days of 100 or more or percentage of positive tests during the past seven days as 10% or more.

Overall, the state is considered high.

Here is the breakdown of South Florida counties in the past week and posted Tuesday:

Palm Beach: cases 24,792, cases per 100,000 1,656.37, positivity 35.94%, deaths less than 10, new hospitalizations 750.

Martin: cases 1,291, cases per 100,000 801,86, positivity 31.17%, deaths less than 10, new hospitalizations 99.

St. Lucie: cases 2,803, cases per 100,000 853.80, positivity35.91%, deaths 0, new hospitalizations 93.

Indian River: cases 660, cases per 100,000 412.70, positivity 20.9%, deaths less than 10, new hospitalizations 32.

Okeechobee: cases 204, cases per 100,000 483.78, positivity 27.29%, deaths 0, new hospitalizations 6.

Broward: cases 48,737, cases per 100,000 2,495.78, positivity 38.37%, deaths 14, new hospitalizations 1,403.

Miami-Dade: cases 99,926, cases per 100,000 3,677,89, positivity 35.29%, deaths 18, new hospitalizations 2,159.

During the summer, Palm Beach County School District wanted two weeks of moderate transmission to end its mask mandate for students, which is one category below severe. The district achieved that in mid-November though the state has banned those requirements.

Gov. DeSantis has banned mask mandates for students.

The CDC reported a record 956,893 cases on Monday as states submitted backlogged information from the holiday week. Tuesday's figure was 717,765.

The seven-day daily average is 554,328, compared with 281,842 one week earlier.

In the past week, Florida's reported the second-most cased behind New York with 472,160, including 273,417 in the city and 198,643 elsewhere. California is third behind New York with 363,797 followed by Texas with 267,541 and New Jersey with 205,572.

The fatality seven-day moving daily average is 1,238 with the lowest recently 985 Dec. 2. On Tuesday, a total of 2,691 deaths were reported, the most since 2,938 Feb. 25, 2021.

Ohio reported the most deaths in one week at 894, New York city and state with 785, followed by Pennsylvania with 768.

Test are also at an alltime high. The seven-day moving average is 146,665,14 with the most recent daily total on Dec. 29 with 209,543. Until the spike, the records were 166,007 on Aug. 23 and a moving average of 134,208 on Aug. 28. Florida's test in the past week are third behind New York and California.

At-home rapid tests results aren't counted in the data.

Hospitalizations have been spiking.

Just two weeks ago 1,849 were hospitalized in the state and that figure is four times higher now, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The record high is 17,295 on Aug. 29 and the low is 1,228 Nov. 29.

Among the 236 hospitals reporting, 14.06% of the total beds are occupied with coronavirus patients. For all conditions, a total of 44,404 (80.31%) beds are in use.

Nationally, 119,897 (16.99%) have been hospitalized with the virus, one day after 112,941 (16.21%) and one week ago at 84,631 (12.17)with the total 535,843 (75.89%).