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Here's a FUN AND FREE activity for kids this summer

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jul 09, 2024

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — Looking for something active and fun for your kids to do this summer?

St. Lucie County's mobile recreation program is heading to a park near you. And it's free!

WPTV learned about the Rec & Roll program at our Let's Hear It event in Fort Pierce last week.

The program, originally rolled out last year, goes to a different St. Lucie County park twice a week, providing free games for kids to play.

Workers showed us some of the games they have the kids enjoy, including playing chess.

"We basically provide games, outdoor activities. You know, a little bit of competition. You know, jump rope, hula hoop, different stuff. Soccer, football, stuff that they can do at a summer program. We basically provide the service for people who can't go to summer camps," said Nate Alexander Marsh, the events coordinator for Rec & Roll. "When kids get bored, they tend to do crazy stuff, you know. So when they have something to do and they feel they are a part of something, they do good."

Rec & Roll is every Tuesday and Thursday through July. To see the park locations, click here.