Give A Child A Book: How you can donate to improve childhood literacy

Posted at 5:43 AM, Sep 08, 2021

Right now, you can get books into the hands of young local readers through the WPTV “If You Give a Child a Book Campaign.”

Some of those books will go to the Building Better Readers program, an effort by the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County

Third grader Cayson Koeppen has been paired with tutor Elyse Gerber for more than a year in the program. He had struggled with reading and the program has made an enormous difference.

Over a Zoom call, Koeppen reads a “Nate the Great” book to Gerber. She prompts him with certain questions along the way to gauge his reading comprehension and ability.

“We want to understand what the punctuation marks mean, right, and what happens when you see a question mark?” she asks the 8-year-old boy.

Koeppen says his confidence has blossomed.

“Yeah I have a feeling I’ve been reading more on my own, I love reading now and I like reading space and more chapter books,” he said.

Building confidence, clarity and comprehension are goals for the hundreds of tutors who help children in more than 20 schools.

“From the time working with them, to see that change that is what makes me feel so great,” Gerber said.

Koeppen says the program works.

“I just love reading now, It’s been a big change, from when I was in first grade to now, third grade,” he said.

While Gerber has a background in early childhood education, but the program seeks people of all backgrounds willing to spend the time.

Contact the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County to volunteer by clicking here.

Right now, for every 5 dollars you donate, you give a local child in need a book through the WPTV and Scripps Howard Foundation “If You Give a Child a Book Campaign.”

Text WPTV to 345345 or click here to donate.