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‘Grinch Trees’ Are The Festive Decorations You Need This Holiday Season

Posted at 3:00 PM, Nov 26, 2019

Is your heart feeling a few sizes too small this holiday season? Could you use some Christmas cheer in your home or office?

Then look no further than the “Grinch tree” holiday trend. The Grinch continues to be an iconic part of Christmas — from the 1957 “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” television special to the 2000 live-action movie to the animated remix, which was released just last year.

In other words, the Grinch is almost as recognizable and beloved as Santa himself, and now you can bring some of this Dr. Seuss whimsy into your holiday decor with the help of “Grinch trees.”

At Trader Joe’s, you can find a “Cypress Grump Tree” for $7.99-$8.99. Now, this potted Cypress doesn’t have the official “Grinch” name, but one look at this tree and all you will be able to see is the green creature, grinching around, his “feet ice-cold in the snow.”

Trader Joe's

“You may notice that at the end of each tree, dangling from a festive red ribbon, a whimsically weighty ornament causes the tree to slump over to one side … not unlike the slump of a green grump maligned by holiday cheer,” reads the Fearless Flyer product description, making it clear that this adorable green tree is giving a nod to one of the best Christmas stories of all time.

Don’t live near a Trader Joe’s? Our condolences! But don’t worry: You can still enjoy the Grinch tree trend. For example, these “wonky” trees ($18 for the pair) from holiday haven Department 56 look they were shipped directly from Whoville.

Department 56

And we know that kids will absolutely love this take on a Grinch tree. Etsy store ZigzagdesignStudio turns any Christmas tree into a charming cinematic conifer.

All you do is trim your Christmas tree as you normally would, and then hang up these Grinch body parts to give the illusion that the Grinch is stuck inside the evergreen.

Etsy, ZigzagdesignStudio

You can choose from one hand, two hands, a full set of arms and legs or a butt with legs.

Find them here for $18 or — if you believe, like the Grinch, that “maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store” — DIY your own Grinch tree decor with tutorials from HomeTalk or GardenTherapy.

Happy holidays!

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