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This Bed Tent Is A Genius Way To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

This Bed Tent Is A Genius Way To Get A Better Night’s Sleep
Posted at 2:51 PM, Nov 10, 2016

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We know the advice for a great night’s rest includes sleeping in a darkened room.

But with the light pollution in certain areas and the morning sunrise waking us up before we’re ready to go, it’s tough to keep the lights off. Add kids to the mix, and you’re all but guaranteed to have disrupted slumber in your life.

So how do you a) keep the light out and b) keep the kids away so you can sleep an extra hour?

While there’s not much to be done about b), we have found a great solution for a). It’s called The Bed Tent, made by a company called Privacy Pop, and it’s pretty much a fortress around your bed. You can buy one on Amazon for $129.99 and up, depending on the size.

How It Works

All you do is place the tent over your existing mattress on top of your bed frame. And what do you know — it’s a private cabana in your own home!

There are zip doors on both sides of the tent that allow you to crawl into your private oasis. Once you go to bed, you can close up the sides just like a camping tent, then doze off into the night. Or day, as the website points out, these babies are perfect for shutting out light during nap time or creating privacy in a shared sleeping space. In case you’re worried about getting enough air in the bed tent, there are mesh windows at the head and foot.

Privacy Pop

What’s better is that you can bring this tent anywhere. Take it on your next camping trip, so you no longer have to be awoken at dawn — or use it the next time you need to house guests anywhere besides a guest room.

Setting up the bed tent is similar to that of a regular camping tent, as it has poles that you feed through the material.

And now here’s maybe the coolest part: They make Bed Tents to fit all different mattress sizes, from toddler to king, and there are eight colors to choose from. Our favorite is the camo; the longer you can hide, the longer you can sleep!

Privacy Pop

The Bed Tent costs between $129.99-$199.99, depending on size and availability. Order now and start sleeping better soon.

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