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'Venom' sinks its teeth into home video

Posted at 9:36 AM, Dec 18, 2018

Here are this week's hottest home video releases. Find them on disc, or streaming services such as iTunes, Vudu, Amazon and Google Play.

The House with A Clock in its Walls

Jack Black and Cate Blanchett star in the adaptation of the supernatural John Bellairs YA novel, about a boy who is sent to live with his oddball uncle (Black) in a creaky old house, and deal with the magic-conjuring next-door neighbor (Blanchett). Director Eli Roth, who cut his teeth on hardcore horror fare such as "Hostel," tones his fright game down but still manages to deliver family-friendly thrills. Extras include several featurettes on characters and effects, as well as deleted scenes with commentary and a gag reel.

Some Like it Hot (Criterion)

Director Billy Wilder's 1959 comedy continues to endure as one of the most beloved movies in the history of cinema. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon star as musicians who witness a mob hit and go incognito by masquerading as women. Marilyn Monroe turns in one of her most memorable performances. A fresh 4K transfer makes the film shimmer. Extras include a tribute booklet, 1989 commentary from film historian Howard Suber and a 1988 French TV interview with Lemmon.


Tom Hardy goes into deep-dive CGI mode to deliver a devilishly humorous split-personality performance as a reporter infected with a nefarious symbiote that grants him superpowers accompanied by invulnerability and bloodlust. Ample humor, vicious action and a compelling story make this one of Sony's better superhero efforts. Extras include scenes rendered before special effects, deleted and extended scenes and a version of the film accompanied by pop-up factoids.

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